VR Update – Fantastic Glass 1.2.3

VR Update – Fantastic Glass 1.2.3

Synchronised Depth

Synchronised depth is implemented and makes all movement-based ghosting disappear. Depth updates have been redefined into 3 unambiguous modes: Quality/VR, Medium, and Performance. In some cases Performance will be extremely fast and look great, however, Quality is perfect for VR or scenes with fast moving objects and still performs well in VR. By default, Quality is chosen in most scenes and for new GlassManager instances.

Single-Pass VR

Grab passes are now working in Single-Pass VR!

Last Issue!

Although many scenes now look fine in both VR modes, there is still an issue with the depth textures mapping slightly off in each eye. In some scenes it causes increased/decreased effects to be applied to some edges in one eye. This looks to be the only remaining issue and once it’s solved FG 1.2.3 with VR support (and other additions & improvements) should be ready for submission.

I’m incredibly eager and excited for everyone to get their hands on FG 1.2.3 so will be working extremely hard to get this feature fully implemented and ensure everything in FG is tested thoroughly for release before Christmas :)

Originally posted on the Fantastic Glass Unity forum page.


A quick update on progress with VR & Single-Pass VR integration:

Normal VR & Synchronised Depth

Both eyes are now getting their own depth maps and grab passes in Normal VR. There’s still ghosting in some scenes which I think will be fixed / improved by implementing a version of depth rendering where all depth maps are rendered together in the pre-render stage (Synchronised Depth, if you will) – depth maps are currently rendered asynchronously for the sake of speed and avoiding GPU/CPU pipeline stalling (so this feature will stay as an option).

Single-Pass VR

All depth maps are now working in Single-Pass VR, however, grab passes aren’t yet working in single pass. Once I’ve got that sorted, Single-Pass and Normal VR will be at the same point. It’s hard to tell if ghosting is affecting Single-Pass VR at all but the Synchronised Depth and testing Unity 5.4 should benefit both versions of VR.

Unity Versions

At minimum, Unity 5.4 (the later the version the better) is required for FG + VR.


I’ve seen similar complaints about shadows and other graphical features ghosting in Single-Pass VR in Unity 5.4 so I’ll start testing with Unity 5.5 and see if that’s the go-to version of Unity when using VR with this sort of shading.


I’m hopeful it won’t be long until both modes are functional and smooth. As soon as any significant progress is made I’ll be back here with an update¬†

Originally posted on the Fantastic Glass Unity forum page.


I’ve tested VR with single and multi pass. Unfortunately, both have issues, however, neither look hard to fix :)

Normal VR

Because the shader requires custom depth maps, VR (although it’s better than I had expected without further development) looks a bit off in one eye as if the effect is ghosting. I’m going to look into having the Glass shader handle each eye differently for the next update.

Single Pass VR

It looks like single pass gets all grab passes and depth maps for both eyes in one texture. I’ve found Unity does have new stereo adjusted coordinate malarkey available so I’ll implement that and let you know how it looks. As far as I can tell, this should be easier than setting up a fix for normal VR


I tested with the spacewarp options and the 45Hz cap emphasised any ghosting. With it disabled, everything was pretty smooth.


Performance in both modes looked to be exactly the same. I was getting 80fps in most scenes with a GTX 970, FX6100, and 8GB RAM. I usually test any changes on my 2011 Macbook Pro too to make sure performance is good across the board but I don’t think I’ll submit myself to that headache.

Fixes & Updates

As soon as either fix is implemented I’ll let you know of the results and when you should expect to see an update.


Thanks for getting in touch about this and reminding me to play with Fantastic Glass in VR :)

Originally posted on the Fantastic Glass Unity forum page.