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Development Expertise

We have been responsible for directing, developing, producing and publishing various software products and have gained considerable experience throughout that has enabled us to continuously hone the process from each perspective.

Past projects have involved games created from new intellectual properties, conversions of games from various platforms including mobile and PC, utilities for companies’ internal use, utilities for the purpose of advertisement and various utilities for consumer use.

Not Just Us Here
Not Just Us Here

Many of our projects involve us working alongside various creative agencies and companies in the North East for which we are a key component in providing the client software component or, more often than not, the finished software product in its entirety to their customers. This also gives us an advantage in our access to a varied pool of expertise in design, publishing, art, databases, music and a myriad of other creative and technical specialties.

We also have the ability to work with a team of developers where there is a need to both  achieve deadline goals that would be otherwise impossible and access a greater array of developmental capabilities.

Bespoke is Best

As an independent software developer in complete control of our resources, we’re able to work with clients closely through all stages of design, development, testing and delivery. Our overheads are also therefore low enough that we are able to easily compete with the pricing of the significantly less involved and less tailored services of larger companies.



Software Skills

We provide software development services in various languages and on many platforms.

Major languages include:
Objective C | C | C++ | C# | Java | Java ME | XML

Major platforms include:
| iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad | Windows Phone 7 | Android | XBox 360 |  Linux | GP2X

However, our skills advance through each and every project and our connections with experts in an ever increasing number of fields expands just as quickly so feel free to get in touch if there is anything you need developed for which you don’t see the language, tool or platform described here.

Let’s Talk!

Whether you would like to discuss your own idea, have further questions regarding our services or would simply like a quick quote, please feel free to Get In Touch