insideKinect_header_transp Description from Inside Kinect website: The official mobile companion to Inside Kinect, the iOS app gives you all the latest Inside Kinect content and features on your iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad
App features Include:
• The latest Kinect hardware and software news, as and when it occurs • Access to all Inside Kinect web content, including exclusive videos and the lists of available and upcoming Kinect games • The ability to share Inside Kinect content with friends via Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, Email and other popular social platforms • Saving or sending articles to yourself through services such as ReadItLater or by simply emailing yourself • The chance to quickly and easily get in touch with Inside Kinect with your Tip or Press Release
• Coming soon! Share with Inside Kinect media such as PDF press releases, screenshots or videos, from within the app

A companion app to the Inside Kinect website. Involved RSS news feed, social networking features, email feedback, iAds, and custom web views.

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