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I'm in the (increasingly drawn out) process of adding VR support to my asset Fantastic Glass.
I have the grab pass working, (most) inconsistencies caused by Single-pass dealt with, and everything is being synchronised

Synchronised Depth
Synchronised depth is implemented and makes all movement-based ghosting disappear. Depth updates have been redefined into 3 unambiguous modes: Quality/VR, Medium, and Performance. In some cases Performance will be extremely fast and look great, however, Quality is perfect for VR or scenes with fast moving objects and still performs

As we're about to release version 1.2 of Fantastic Glass we thought it pertinent to slap together a quick blog post detailing what on earth Fantastic Glass is and why version 1.2 might be of interest.

Fantastic Glass is a tool we built for creating and managing realistic and abstract objects

Over the festive period we have decided to have some fun and combine our development with some Christmas themes.

Each gizmo we will demo has been prototyped very quickly over the last three weeks of December. If there is enough interest, we may release portions of code, projects, or playable demos

Inverse Kinematics is, simply put, a method of getting things where they need to go.

OK; that was too simple.

In slightly more complex terms, rather than manually setting the rotation and translation (position in space) of objects or systems of objects, we set target locations or intended results and a kinematic solver

This week at FanDev we have been continuing with the changes to the website by adding a boat load of projects, partners, clients and content to our wonderful new-look portfolio. And since we're so proud of our work and those we've worked with, you'll be able to find our portfolio

[caption id="attachment_1033" align="alignleft" width="229"] Over a year old, a DK2 of ours still going strong.[/caption]

Since the release of the Oculus Rift Development Kit 2 (DK2) in March 2014, we have been actively investigating virtual reality (VR) as an extension of the services we provide, as something that can add value

We've been hard at work here at FD Towers making some changes to the Website and one of the big new additions is this very blog!

Right here is where we'll be posting updates of our various goings on, as well as showing sneak peeks of the exciting projects we have