🎄It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas🎄

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🎄It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas🎄

Over the festive period we have decided to have some fun and combine our development with some Christmas themes.

Each gizmo we will demo has been prototyped very quickly over the last three weeks of December. If there is enough interest, we may release portions of code, projects, or playable demos for each final gadget.

❄Part 1: Winter Wonderland❄

We decided to begin by setting the scene with a white Christmas.

To start with, we made a Snowball Generator. Here you can see a chronological demo of the features as they were implemented. Everything about it has been made tweakable in real-time, from its emission rate, to the bounding volume the snow exists within, to the wind affecting the snow. Most parameters are defined by a minimum and maximum value, so as to allow for some natural looking variety.

There are two types of snow we think of when we picture that exciting moment it snows for the first time over the holidays. We have the first kind; floating, falling snowflakes. Now it’s time to make the crunchy kind you run out and make snow angels in!

First, we have the snowflakes being absorbed by areas defined as Snow Planes.

Then, we have a snowy mesh that expands at the points where snowflakes collide.

For our penultimate set of videos, we have our almost complete example scene; one of our AI robots is chasing the FD logo over the building snowy landscape, crunching it underfoot (or wheel) as it goes!

To finish with a flourish, here’s our scene with some final polish. The performance for snowflakes and deformation has been improved. The new shader has been written for the snow.

The improved code allows for an increased snow flake count and more fluid animation. The shader changes the snow’s appearance depending on height, allowing the lowest flattened snow to look like slush and the highest snow to be shiny crunchy white snow.

Stay Tuned!

Thanks for checking out our first seasonally inspired blog post. Hope to see you again very soon for another!

Update 1

Here’s an updated video of the shader we improved during the snow prototyping. This shows the improved shader as it was tested with the water demos.

Update 2

Thanks to further performance improvements, you can now see our (previously 900-polygon) snow realised as a more realistic 10,000 polygons: