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Over a year old, a DK2 of ours still going strong.

Over a year old, a DK2 of ours still going strong.

Since the release of the Oculus Rift Development Kit 2 (DK2) in March 2014, we have been actively investigating virtual reality (VR) as an extension of the services we provide, as something that can add value to our clients’ projects, as well as something we’re massively interested in developing our own experiences for.

Developing for VR has been -and will no doubt continue to be- a truly addictive experience. The immediate feedback loop in creating something and being able to step straight into it is a powerful drive to continue creating and inventing the things you feel should exist in each manufactured world. As such, given the hardware availability and near universal access to relevant tools for development, we feel VR has met the escape velocity from stagnation it fell into in the past.

Not only has it been exciting to develop and test software at the forefront of its technological renaissance but it has also been extremely valuable and an obscene amount of fun to hand that technology over to others.

Nobody doesn't love VR.

Nobody doesn’t love VR.

One surprise has been the range in reactions to variations in input and representation of the world within VR. The slightest change in button choice, handling of head movement, or way in which virtual objects react to your presence, can have a huge impact on a user’s experience. Another fascinating finding is how immediately people ‘get’ it. Regardless of age or tech savvy, regardless of experience with VR, everyone’s first time with a DK2 is a positive, fun, and exciting experience.

As we make further progress with our VR research and internal projects we will be posting as many videos, pictures, and demos as possible without spoiling the end result – another great benefit in VR is being able to truly surprise people with spectacles they don’t expect.

Early prototyping of a secret internal project.

Early prototyping of a secret internal project.

If VR sounds like a great opportunity for you or your clients, feel free to get in touch with us to discuss your project or idea.