Fantastic Glass 1.2

Fantastic Glass 1.2


As we’re about to release version 1.2 of Fantastic Glass we thought it pertinent to slap together a quick blog post detailing what on earth Fantastic Glass is and why version 1.2 might be of interest.

Fantastic Glass is a tool we built for creating and managing realistic and abstract objects with transparent volumes such as glass. We created it for use in Unity3D and version 1.1.1 is currently available from their Asset Store.

Rather than spew out a stream of bullet points (don’t worry there a-coming), here’s a couple of fun trailers we made:

The latest trailer:

and the earlier much girthier version:

“Why on Earth would you want to watch that gigantic 6-minute trailer?” I hear you think. Well, recipient of my mind reading, you’d get to see not only more examples of our funky fresh asset but you’d also get to hear two whole tracks by our musical friend Hizzlecrift (bandcamp, spotify).

OK, you want bullet points? Sort of? Good enough!

Here’s what the basic Fantastic Glass provides:

Shading includes:
-Refraction (texture, mesh, depth & more)
-Extinction (color, texture, depth)
-Aberration (color, texture, depth)
-Fog (color, depth)
-and more!

Presets, prefabs, materials, and scenes are included that demonstrate a diverse range of different types of materials

The easy to use tools and comprehensive parameters available allow you to create your own incredibly varied range of realistic and abstract materials.

And, because this post is about our new name-taking finished-gum-chewing Version 1.2, here’s a big dollop of information on what we’ve been working on:

The new and improved features of Fantastic Glass 1.2 will allow for more complex and realistic rendering. Fantastic Glass 1.2 also includes great features requested by our current users.

Render Order Manager
-Render glass inside glass
-Easy drag & drop interface
-Choose if & when to render each face
-Render objects and faces any number of times
-User friendly colourised layer distinction

Multiple levels of Depth Complexity
-More accurate rendering of Glass within Glass
-Single-pass (fast)
-Per-face (front, back, other)
-Can be defined by Glass objects or overriden by Glass Manager per scene
-Ignore Depth list

Attribute Presets
-Quickly load elements of a preset
-e.g. Set the colour extinction of ‘water’ without altering other options

Improved Update Utility
-Loads and converts your existing presets
-Handles multiple versions of FG

New Example Scenes demonstrating Complex Depth & Render Order:
-Icebergs in Deep Ocean
-Pint glass of liquid and ice
-Plastic Goblets of Marbles
-Chipped Ice Logo in Realistic Water
-Chipped Ice Logo in Murky Swamp
-White Russian & Ice in a Coloured Glass
-Gemstones in Glass and Plastic Boxes
-Experimental scenes showcasing new features

-Additional Improvements
-New Presets, Prefabs, Textures, Scenes (performance / quality examples)
-Improved & Updated Presets, Prefabs, Textures, Scenes
-Implemented Undo ability throughout
-Improved Glass and Depth shaders
-Added performance presets
-Added aberration cap option
-Shader ignores unrequired code depending on scene requirements (performance boost)
-‘set default’ options where appropriate throughout
-Many bugs squashed
-Improved debugging with increased detail (where enabled)
-Added new EditorTools features such as fade-out elements and scroll pixel offset
-Glass versioning more visible throughout
-Added automatic per-version update checks
-Added workarounds for crashes in Unity
-Improved Labelling and Enums to be more descriptive
-Added option to ignore exact copies in Glass matching
-Fixed warnings
-Added custom GUI option (enabled for Pro by default)
-Update utility can now handle multiple versions of FG
-Update utility is now aware of platform abilities
-Added bold labels to make some sections easier to read
-User can now define what ‘Optimum’ camera settings should be
-Optimum camera settings available from Glass
-Added warnings and errors for incorrect / missing layers
-Improved automatic setup of Camera, DepthCameras, and GlassManager
-Improved compatibility in various Unity versions and platforms
-Improved management of Glass/Manager shared settings and overrides
-Updated User Guide
-Added more automated settings (e.g. alpha & colour on albedo texture change)
-Fixed issue in not setting depth tech in 5.4+
-Removed deprecated code and script
-Simplified & improved interface for 5.4 tech fix
-Fixed loading and saving selected/current preset incorrectly
-Fixed depth wait value being 1 off
-Fixed crash in Start and End EditorTools
-Added Depth to Save/Load features list
-Fixed depth not being saved
-Added depth multiplier, offset, and quality to preset options
-Removed texture from GlassSettingsCopyList


All of the features listed have been implemented. We are currently testing on various platforms and versions of Unity for compatibility. Once we’re happy with this QA FG1.2 should be mere days from release.


Currently, FG 1.1.1 is $5. This is a price definitely below Unity’s guidelines for pricing and was consciously chosen to increase interest and garner reviews (we’ve subsequently received only 5-star reviews so far – w00h00!). Due to this and the vast number of improvements in FG1.2, it is likely that we will be increasing the cost. The price hasn’t yet been decided but we’re considering keeping things enticingly low at around $10.

If you like the sound of FG1.2 but you’re unsure if anything above $5 is in your budget, make sure to get Fantastic Glass now and update to 1.2 for free when it’s released.

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