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This week at FanDev we have been continuing with the changes to the website by adding a boat load of projects, partners, clients and content to our wonderful new-look portfolio. And since we’re so proud of our work and those we’ve worked with, you’ll be able to find our portfolio right there on the front page.

Each profile has its own unique Fantastic Development styled logo, and comes with quotes, screenshots, descriptions and links to best describe the project or client, and to showcase the varied work we’ve undertaken.

Be Customer Positive App Logo

Be Customer Positive App Logo

The latest additions to the portfolio have included the works with our creative collaborators over at AKD Solutions. Together we developed three training applications for iPad and Windows: Be Customer Positive, Health and Safety, and Customer Experience. These project were really fun and interesting to develop, so we’ve decided to shine a little more light on them in an upcoming project spotlight blog, so check back here soon!